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Wot an interesting day i had yesterday.

Von moved out, took most of her stuff, so i have a fairly empty house now.
I rang the solicitor and got a quote for $600 to do a title change.
I am awaiting the bank to discover the price to hopefull just take her name off the morgage.


THEN i went to drug and alcohol testing. they got me nicely ripped, so that was kewl.



I have been attending swinbourne uni, Australia is about to legislate roadside dope testing, and they are doing a final study on a) the legitimancy of the level of drugs in your system being tested, they effect of that much drug, and the combined effect of THC and alcohol.

I show up pnce a week, they get me 'drunk 0.05+ BAC and then give me THC [cigerette] and then i do driving simulator testing .. and other coordination tests.

it's pretty kewl.
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