sui (sui_001) wrote,

week 3 day3 - arg. putting latex on a cardboard model.

take printout. laimate to boxboard. cut out all pieces. apply glue to joining edges. press and hold. 
 continue to asseble hold and glue as you go.
 i put the coloured paper on the inside. mostly coz i did a crapy lamination job.
 the hood caused some trouble.
 ao i cut it into 3 bit.
 timed all the over hanging bits off. beveled edges to make flush fit.
 sanded and re gluedall crns and edges.
 balanced model on brick. got out latex
 applied latex.
 four coats later it looks like this. hooray. the sharp edges really shine thru i recon. it'll be nice to have a crisp final product.
Tags: car, latex, model, paper craft, wood glue
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