sui (sui_001) wrote,

day 4, week 2. arg. paper folding adventures. doom.

 the stink of failure is rank in the air. it wears me down.

so i went back to basics and spent another day playing cut'n'paste [design]. this guy is like the other, but the front end is lower, and the body thicker. it made the difference. i went back to the last design.
 i had this one printed red, and left the grid lines. partly to see how it looked when folded, but also to get a fair sense of scale.  i think i like the below more in this exploded form. it really makes me think about how the object is in that state of 'almost assembledmess', and continues that feeling of potential to be 'something' heh ;)  i'll try to cut some glass. really clean up the edges, bevel them and go the glue action.

  i hope it looks as scorpian and nasty as this one. hooray.
Tags: car, paper craft
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