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car - the saga continues

  but first: an update!
you know who, it ended poorly. take ii in progress. was thinking twisty red, yellow ribbons in a helix around the black. next time. maybe. this may in in single verticle stripes mind you....

twistycane tumbler. bin. 3 hrs. ;)

 hey sportfans! here in another attempt to spell poorly and articulate as little as possible i thought i might take the time. the last few posts have been a little obtuse, even for me, so here goes.

i have attempted to fix the table/image issue. gone back to an old format template. lemmeknow, you know i love it. ;)

 SO, this semester is possibly the last. there is a worst case scenario, but i'm not talking about that. it's hurty. i think this semester is about this object called 'car' . it's an object that in my squinty eyed, wishworld is clearly a car. but not a real, funktional one. no. a smaller hipper one, that all the cool cats would disco in. hot.

  K. so this is after spending _all_ of the last 5 days getting. i've drawn this a few times now, it's a perspective, salon car. sans wheels. it's ganna be 22cm. yeah

whilst i have been designing this i been thinking about big, swiftly moving machines, all hot and steaming, stamping two halves of a mould together, having something injected in (or expanded into) the cavity, the two halve quickly pulled apart, the newly formed object drop away, repeat. woah. just typing that made my pants tight.

 OR, do you want the fantasy about my high speed death involving an open topped motorvehicle? it's cool. the vehicle is either, a sports car, a military vehicle, or a jet. hmmmm wait.. heh heh eh i was thinkign about iron man. the tv show is cool. 2 thumbs up. that's the most thumbs i have.

 there is a certain seriousness to my blather tho. i am thinking these thoughts the whole time. there's numbers and lines and angles and keyboards and ARG, the pressure. purhaps i've gone on another coffee bender. commercialism. the car represents this so deeply, an expression of mass production, consumption, and something else.

the factory line production is a hive of excitement in my mind. i can imagine artoodeeto happily chasing the hapless ceethreepeeo, who's just had his head ripped off, but is still wandering....  starwars is also 2 thumbs.
  then once i have the above piktured form, with: closed ends, only 1 line persegment, and a host of other conditions that i had failed to know about (you know, komputers really don't make this _that_ much easiler!) i got this output from formz. hurrah. it's hot. notice the poo brown colour i chose. i think the addition of the X,Y axis is super cool.

you can all print this out and have your own. it's my gift to you. i know.

 even the above pikture. imagine for a moment, this on a big glossy piece of heavy card. ready to be cut out. so full of promise, so much fun. you know you can do this nicely, OR have a fun old hack get it 85% done and leave it, wishing you'd bothered to cut nicely in the first place. i mean really. only a blank piece of paper holds more promise. look i've coloured mine in! woot.

 then there's the machine that printed. stamped, preperforated, collated, and wrapt everything in bundles ready to be shipped. it's got big belt rollers and load industrial noises coming from it. there's possibly a film crew taking documentry philm. but only if you're lucky.  

 SO, if you take the time and bother to print one out, on a piece of A4, this is what your standard lexmark laser produces. you too can slap it together nasty. you could cut and paint all the pieces first, but you wouldn't enjoy that nearly as much. amaze your work collegues with this paper model! "yeah, this guy i know, he _designed_ it...". they'll clearly be impressed. some due to your skill in paper folding also. there may be a few custom tabs that require inclusion, but that's the fun of it, according to james may and his meccano thing....


 assembling the paper model made me think about all the fun things you can do with paper. water bombs, papercuts, fire. the list is endless, and the blanker the paper, the more possiblities there are.

 the scale is important. idealy this would be full size and some car manufactor will see it and be all, "wow. that's it! we need to build the most awesome engine (that runs on something we can endlessly sell, but won't damage the 'vironment). and make it cheap. yeah! and it'd happen. and i'd be rich. i think ideals are very important.
  i'm kinda running out of stuff to say. really i'm deep but shy. it's a curse. image left. 3 stages of production: the cutout is stage one. it was an awesome prototype that will never likely see the internet. it's hipper as a cut out. the drawing is type ii. steep sided, huge wheel arches. futurist. and finally the model, it's a whole 17 faces. did i say that yet? erm. yeah all done in an industrial greyness that represents my soul on a sunny morning. it's interesting how complex i got then losts less.

 i am unsure how this pans out, and it's a far cry from "it's about cars", "how fast, powerful, and hip they are" but something something, something, something.  


 oh. i changed the formatting at the end. it looks cool at my end, and frankly i'm jealous, but, i'll care when i too join the ifone gang.

i hope this clears most things up.
it only hurts coz i care
Tags: car, cketchup, design, formz
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