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My crap
old dice box 
18th-Jul-2009 07:14 pm
  today i found my old dicebox. it was in some stuff. i tipped it out and found: a bunch of dice: a large nail: an allen key: 2 silver keys, one brass: 4 bits of lego: 3 bullets, one live: 2 pens: a devil ring: 45c: thumb tacks: a new Zealand 20c piece: a wood screw: many computer screws: random electronic joiners: a stone: a metal washer: a pile of 'chicks with guns' pose-able miniatures:a wriggles wrapper: and 2 burnt matches.
18th-Jul-2009 02:16 pm (UTC)
a live bullet, what the hell??

way to answer my email, homo :)
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