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begin final semester 
17th-Jul-2009 12:08 pm


 well with a fabulously lackluster effort from me last semester, i begin anew.

I rekon (you're going to hear a lot of that) - it's about the exterior of a car. my car,the car i miss and desire.
it doesn't have to be realistic (although having 4 wheels is favourable) and i am intentionally screwing with the angles, but as long as it fullfills my brain with car-y thoughts woohoo.

 So above and right are baic clay models. i'll wax them, given them a bit of a shape. cast 2 part moulds and blow. hooray. let's see how good we can get at these!

17th-Jul-2009 03:19 am (UTC)
Well Gulf is the classic livery for those things, I was just thinking Di Martini because it does the stripy thing. Getting the 'Gulf' logo would be the tricky bit, no? Drill the spot where the fuel filler would be and stuff a furled green glass dollar bill in there?
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