sui (sui_001) wrote,

woah. feb.

 hey gang. in the last month (and a bit) i've:

moved house. it's been farkin hot. it's been farkin cold. there's no stress in this new house. except money. hooray
  made some beads. all rose petals. spring 07 collection. boiled. chopped. squished. sun dried.
smekk ok. look pox
 made a cake (or two). this is a fine rendition of a mark v  (male) tank.. obviously. i think the contextual pinkness only enhances the cake medium. 
  started uni again. final year. poised to strike.
fused three layers, engraved back thru em. graffiti stylin. word. possible avenue
 today we emptied the furnace. it's hands on grubby, wet, industrial, molten glass, awesome. i'm behind the steam (kinda in it). aside from the plastic faceplates, it's so rawly medjeeval it hurts.  
  oh yeah - check out these spindly ankles. i got a bee bit on my calf only hours before this pic. you can't see it, but it hurts medjeeval stylin. oldskool.

Tags: cake, furnace, graffitti, rose petals
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