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hullo there sportz fanz!

welcome, greetings, thanks for tuning in.

our favourite to the left is running hot, and looking sharp. brute power is the name of this vehicle game.

a new entry this year is Team Stripe. a cunning plan by the manifactour to cover all bases and enter fast cars, that follow a more streamlined form.

these promo shots came straight from the factory, and show the great effort involved in wind tunel testing and good old mucking in and getting it right.

these are tough but untried vehicles, they be tough competitors, but will they have enough at the end of the day?

Roman Re Contextualisation, or RCC as they prefere to be called, are showing great spirit but lack a lot of the substance that a true winner requires. 

flashy looks aren't all it takes...
oh! look, they're lining up on the grid.

The GT stripe guys put in a fantastic effort, and completely dominated the flying lap to gain poll position. team stripe put amazingly brilliant and consistent lap times, they're going to be the threat!

RCC, at the last moment pulled an amazing lap out of it's arse...  AND THEY'RE OFF!

[and some amazing playtime later]

the winner, and trophy, sits on the top shelf. sadly time passes and no one ever remembers the true effort the GT put in. they only remember the carnage and death that transpired that day.
Tags: blow mould, cane work, glass, muscle cars

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