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My crap
i am beginning to question the validity of even having a 'subject'. it all just is 
2nd-Nov-2008 08:08 pm

i, the sui, do hereby, and possibly forthwith, declare a time saving to me and you.
above. screen shot when i got bored editing today's capture.
below. a view of what i put into the annealer today.
i started at 7.30 am. on a sunday. i got back to the house at 6.30 pm.

2nd-Nov-2008 09:28 am (UTC)
A long day's creativity. Is not one *expected* to suffer for one's Art (along with imbibing frightening volumes of absinthe)?

They're looking good! Party on!!
2nd-Nov-2008 10:00 am (UTC)
heh. thanks. i thought i was in for an 'easy ride' all free love, and pot smoking. i've never worked so hard in all my life!

2nd-Nov-2008 09:37 am (UTC)
Awww...grumpy sui. :( Tired after a long day of hot-glassing, yes? Well, the results are wonderful. I love the striped cars and would like to see a better pic of the goblets when they're done! Sorry the photo editing is tedious. The process is amazing, tho. (the glasswork, not the photo editing) haha

Hope you got some rest and are maybe taking a day off tomorrow? Of course, if this was from your Sunday (it's only 1:30am on Sunday morning here), then probably not. Ah well...no rest for the wicked! ;)

How do you pronounce "sui" anyway? Does it mean something? Is it your real/whole name? Just interesting. :)
2nd-Nov-2008 09:59 am (UTC)
you have no idea the extent of my grumpiness atm either...

my name is like the pig call *sigh* BUT NOT.

2moz i'm straight back at it 8 am i'll be there. end of year assessment is in a week, working more than flat out till drop dead hr.

hope your weekend ends well ;)
2nd-Nov-2008 04:22 pm (UTC)
8:15am Sunday here.

"my name is like the pig call *sigh* BUT NOT."

Hahahaha...I'm sorry, but that almost made my coffee come out my nose. *hee* You're funny.

So, your school-year ends in November? Ok, well it's only a week. An intense, crazy, really, really tough week...but still just a week. Are the trucks your year-end project? You'll do great. Think of all the sleep you can get once it's over. :)

And my weekend will end fine if I can only wake up! Was out too late w/friends last night and have glass waiting to be melted in the studio. Oh! Plus, I have to vote. Keep forgetting to do that.

I'll be thinking of you working hard and making the grade over there in Aussie land. :) Remember to have fun!
2nd-Nov-2008 10:58 pm (UTC)
I always thought the name came from "Suicidal Tendancies"... on account of his habit of being carted off to the Emergency Room each time he had a spectacular incident with a power tool, or motor bike, or leaping off a tall thing...
2nd-Nov-2008 11:03 pm (UTC)
*grin* she asked how to pronounce it, not why.
2nd-Nov-2008 11:35 pm (UTC)
yeah, and if you say "Sui-cidal" you get how to say Sui. No?
2nd-Nov-2008 11:08 pm (UTC)
Hahaha...sounds like some good stories to be told there! :)

Oh, and I *did* ask if it meant anything...*ahem*

Edited at 2008-11-02 11:09 pm (UTC)
3rd-Nov-2008 01:37 am (UTC)
pft. yeah yeah.
she's given all my secrets away and now laid my soul bare to the world. there's no stories.

i want to know how i get get tags to list, with the more used tag words bigger! and how do i format lj pages to get them to print? AND why don't i have sausages in bread (with onion and sauce) for lunch?

i need to re-align the starboard emitter to generate an inverse tachyon pulse, on a sublight frequency. yeah. that'll fix everything, restoring the captain, and the crew to their orginal selves. before the temporal warp thingo did this to them.

ahhh season 1 next gen startrek, you've never let me down.
3rd-Nov-2008 02:47 am (UTC)
Hahahaha....you DO need a break, don't you.

Hey, if you figure out that lunch thing, let me know. That sounds good.
3rd-Nov-2008 02:50 am (UTC)
Ok, and OMG, have you SEEN your tags list? Maybe if you used a tag more than once, you'd have some that were bigger than others! ;)

And I prefer Firefly and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, thank you.

Ok, now I'm just seeing how grumpy I can make you.
3rd-Nov-2008 05:27 am (UTC)
yeah i've seen it. 5+ years of blogging and you think i'm not under control?! huh?!? is that what you're saying? well, just for you. no one else. i've started going through all my tags. i got as far as D and now _i_ get to go blow glass.. so how do i manipulate it? HUH?

as for the limp-wristed firefly atrocity - next you'll be saying you were a buffy fan also.

ahhh i think i have my mood again under control ;)

3rd-Nov-2008 05:32 am (UTC)
Hahaha! That was awesome! See, you have to hit your peak before you can feel better again. Glad I could help. :)

And.....wait for it....*GASP!* You rotton bastard! Firefly is NOT gay! It is sweet and funny and FILLED with sexual tension...oh shit, it is gay. crap. Well, I like it all the same. That captain guy has a hot ass. *shrug*

And yes, I also loved Buffy. Mainly for Spike, who was freakishly hot, also. But in a much sicker way. Oh yeah. ;)

And as far as the glass goes, if I knew what the hell I was doing (and was also in Australia) I would show you a thing or two! Ok, probably just one thing, 'cause I really have no clue...but still! Yeah! So there...?

Glad you're feeling better! ;)
3rd-Nov-2008 05:40 am (UTC)
and the tags?

3rd-Nov-2008 05:42 am (UTC)
It was simply too hot to mention...
2nd-Nov-2008 11:00 pm (UTC)
Dude! If you don't post the photos, how will your adoring fans share their love and admiration?

Here comes mine:
WOW, dig the spotty car. Looks like my parents VW in the early 70's.

Keep it up, not far now!
2nd-Nov-2008 11:05 pm (UTC)
i posted.
they're there.
just lost interest in spending another hr at the pc. i had startrek to watch.

yeah the spotty one went into the anealer ok.
let's wait till 2moz to see how it comes out.
i recon it'll crack. the colours weren't super compatible.
heh heh heh
2nd-Nov-2008 11:43 pm (UTC)
Art for Art's sake... the crowd goes wild!!!!

Take that big bundle of praise and applause and stick it in the birdhouse in your soul.
3rd-Nov-2008 01:37 am (UTC)
i have no birdhouse.
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