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My crap
beard-cup, blow mould somethin, something something 
23rd-Oct-2008 10:44 pm
 start with one lump of colour.

 gather, pop a bubble.

  wait. flash. back to the bench - gate yourself in.

 take the colour drop.


push the colour down the bubble.  have a chat. no. heat.

  marver the rest of the colour. flash

 blow the bubble up. control shape and mount of glass. flash

  jackline. flash.

 shape. blow. heat a lot.

  make heroic pose on bench. plunge into mould. blow hard and hold.get out quickly.

 flash deep.

  'puntie'. flash. return.

heat rim. flash deep.  

  return to bench - gate self in

tweeze rim thin. heat rim. flash deep. 

  jack and flip end. establish jackline.

 tap end off. flash

  open with jacks. paddle rim. flash
 put away. discuss . 
24th-Oct-2008 06:01 am (UTC) - Re: Ok, now just stop that.
Hahaha...yeah, that does sound a lot better than "outdoor mud kilns"! Sorry. Meant no disrespect! :)
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