sui (sui_001) wrote,

further truckism-ness

  A truck designed with those slimming lines. a little worried about bloat? never in a fashion item like this. know your colours though, this sky and ocean scheme won't last long.

 A loopy little number. these stripes are broader, but more subtle. this is an evening truck. made for those more 'romanic' moments.

  'The Twisted' imagine hurtling down the road, foot flat to the floor. the window open and the wind pushes you harder into the seat. imagine, the joker at your side, behind the wheel. imagine the terror. woah. wonder woman would smell the stench of injustice this bad boy exudes

 SO hurry ladies and germs. these guys are being snapped up, ready for the open road, and YOU are being left behind.

Tags: blow mould, cane work, hot glass, truck
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