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blow molds, fusings, & pickups. (sung to a tune of Truck)


 as much as i loath's the teaser:






 egad. this journey begins in a dark time. a land of the flu, raking coughs and foul tempers. the only hope to save anyone and redeem my honour is to make the object that will draw the sages to our small village.

 drawings from the powers of earth i crudely fashoin a wax ( and clay) model. the creation of these, was arduos, and harrowing. i lend into the wind however, and crafted 2 part blow molds. objects d'art in of themselves, & they should ultimately restore the balance to the universe.


 they formed two halves, representing the yin and yang. the special forces of balance.they sat well together. the bond between them strong. 

 but that was only the beginning. a place to start. the darktimes continued. i transported my molds to a place for the final objects to be conjured into being.


 this was not a new workshop to me. the apprenticeship had begun here. it would most likely end here. a place where the fire element was strong, but water and air also had influence. a loud place that had a deep rumble of industrial process, or a looming dragon.

 the material was another time process. three days of colour cup making, pulling cane, fusing panels, hours at the diamond saw, and further fusing saw the birth of the starting panel. the plan was beginning to take shape.


there was a time. i laboured. the intense heat. the dry dry atmosphere. the noise, like a wall of static around you.

 then suddenly the hour was at hand. the time was now. the clock had struck 


 binding a glass collar around a forged steel pipe, i wrestled with a tempestuous force.

 the battle raged. i had indeed thought about this eventuality in my plans but as fate would have it, didn't require my three-quarter length  pants, with knee-pads built right in. i regret nothing however!

  i had to think outside the square. i changed weapons in order to defeat this most villainous of foes.

 i was slowly finding the way to control this one. soon it began to yield to my guiding hands.

  heh. there was a funny anecdote at this point. we took a bit of a breather, to look around at the crowd we had drawn. this pause in the precedings gave the combatants a chance to look each other in the eye, and share some private humour. a cheery pat upon each others back sealed a deep knowing of a comradeship that only enemies can share. heh 

 the battle began anew. but the pause had giving birth to a kinship that would eventually lead to an object to save our realm, and it was this secret ingredient that was to finally drive the darkness away.

  with a wipe across the brow the next and pan ultimate phase began.

 the very fire that had (possibly) started creation, blew across the slowly forming creation.

  the tools, they danced in my hands

 it was a pity i am not evil and there wasn't a lightening storm. it would have been a perfect time to throw my head back, and laugh at the ceiling as if i was about to (not) take over the world.

  it was a great realisation, an untimely peek into the future, but a pattern WAS forming, and i think i could allow it to lead the further precedings.

 i gave it breath. the air moved within it. life (may well have) stirred.

  but i reigned it in. i throttled it back. at a moment when the object could well have sunk back into the earth, and vanished from my sight for ever, i harnessed it to my will.

 i quickly and with extreme deftness new the time was right. there had been a full moon within the last month and i had had a drink of water. using my object d'art i blew a final and harsh breath into the pipe that still leashed my final object.

  as quickly as i had harnessed it though, i released it, giving it room to be somewhat free. to share that special power that was now contained within.

 i slowly returned it to this world. cautiously at first, but with a reverence that the journey had lead me on. i had grow. my skills had not failed me. perhaps there was an end in sight, maybe the the fog was beginning to clear outside. was there a blossom in the haze ?

 About an hour later... 
 picked up another rollup. blew it into the mold. 
  put a good neckline into it. check that hand pulled, fused, cut cane. like a leopard? pretty organically structured for a hard lined object, eh?

 just another pic of something i think is kinda cool.

  a bit of a sneak peak at the future and some tests.
Tags: art, fusing, glass, glass blowing, mould, roll up

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