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review day 
11th-Sep-2008 08:48 pm


 a pikture of the review table.. the beerkeg furnace in the background. huzzah

 the right side of the table


 the left

 a pikture of the drawing i am doing atm.

so all in all i think i need to do a powerpoint *shudder* presentation next assessment, to get my point across. i think.

sigh. "not conceptal enough"

11th-Sep-2008 11:36 am (UTC)
Yay! Zig Zag Trucks!
11th-Sep-2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
Conceptual Power Point presentations are the devil's work
12th-Sep-2008 04:08 am (UTC) - Sod em
Start using words like 'craftsman' and 'artisan'.
Can't fault you on practical application, tho prolly do.

Funny tho init. If you'd chosen a train you prolly would have pressed buttons, but that's the way of the collective psyche.
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