sui (sui_001) wrote,

beerkeg - another view


 so making glass again today. in goes:
70% silica
25% potash
5%  calcium oxide

 lifting the lid at the end of the day. keener eyes will see how quickly the temp has dropped from ~1100c

that's a Fecking cool glow however, you have to be impressed. (hell knows i am)



 taken during one of the 3 test openings during the day. you can see the goodness bubbling away. i kept skimming the surface goo off (it's just rising bubbles)

 the end result. a very mixed bag. the 3 sample are taken at 1hr and a half from start, 4 hours in, and then 7 hrs in. total burn time 9 hrs.


Tags: beer keg, glass furnace, making glass, very hot

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