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glory hole in singapore 
30th-Aug-2008 10:51 pm
hooray! so i built a glory hole in singapore. made from fibre, a drum, and fibre. up in under 2 hrs. one of 5 in this country (that i'm aware of)
here it is all ready to go. only one degree 15 seconds from the equator. hooray!

so to set the scene, here was the sad, sorry excuse for the existing glory hole, that i saw and was so horrified by that i made time to 'fix'. in the end the only thing i reused was the frame (modifed) and the burner (cleaned, and fixed)
pls note the lovely out door lushness of a tropical garden...

the materials used - isowool 1260°c & 1400°c, wire (nasty cheap gal steel), and an old 44 gallon oil drum

the drum i cut a hole in the front (250mm) and in the side (100mm)
i cleaned it out with dishwashing detergent and water...

cut the fibre into strips and end pieces

i cut, bent the sides of the frame, cleaned the burner, and then tested it

then i lined the fibre into the drum. this took most of the time, was slow hot and difficult. i (of course) wore long sleeves and a breathing mask. 3 layers went in in total. 2 of the 1260° and 1 of the 'hotface' 1400°

then i installed it onto the frame and aligned the burner. then i lit it.

fibre is awesome. within 10 mins it had a nice healthly glow

winner to the best caption for this pic (we are actually discussing the flame path)

finally i let jane play with her new glory hole. she's kinda happy :) we made roll ups

hooray! pretty thrilled.

soz again, that i haven't formatted this nicely. it upsets me (only slightly less) than you ;)
31st-Aug-2008 03:45 am (UTC)
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