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last day of "20's something" 
2nd-Apr-2003 11:26 am
ok.. far back in the unchartered backwaters of time and space, a young and
particularly brilliant boy was conceived. in utero this child had discovered the
flaws in he fundamental conception of reality and was only waiting for a chance
to communicate with the rest of the 'world' such as it was..

birth came and went, and i time this youngster grew into a stripling lad who
proved to be great at many things, expect cards. he would never play cards, nor
would he touch them. oh, and the word 'sock puppets' this would send him into a
catatonic state that only hours of his mothers soothing petting and soft croon
would bring him back to join with the other kids, who teased him so very cruelly.

one day his chance arrived and in class the teacher asked, "and i want u to
explain to me what YOU think the meaning of life is". WELL, as u can imagine
the youngster took this opportunity to write his ideas down and dispel all the
other theories, which he did SO well and so cleverly that the teacher failed to
believe it was that Childs work. but soon it filtered up to higher levels, and
the child was called to account for the essay.

He did such a good job of explaining his work, that nobody disputed it was his,
and a flash of insight the whole world realised where it had gone wrong. the
planets aligned, wars stopped, the sun came out and everyone smiled.. this was
right. This was The Way it should be...

UNFORTUNATELY that boy was NOT sui..
1st-Apr-2003 05:32 pm (UTC)
oh my...
1st-Apr-2003 06:08 pm (UTC)
i know tragic isn't it.

A life torn asunder by the storm of nature. The tempid beast of time ravaging. A lack of careless parententing.


it's just all too much. but never fear. I ain't ganna jump or anything.. but if i meet that guy refered to above.. i'm ganna kick his lillywhite ass.

1st-Apr-2003 06:18 pm (UTC) - Re:
Give him an extra one or two for me too, eh?
1st-Apr-2003 08:19 pm (UTC) - Re:
roger that!
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