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singapore install with B Jane Cowie

sorry for the dodgeyness of this post, i don't usually use the web interface, i promise to edit this later and make the images smaller.

been in singapore for the last 8 days installing all the glass we blew back in june (more about that later)

this is a 'close up' of 12 of the 50 finished installed flowers. each one takes about 30 minutes to put in place (once the metal work had been installed, which had been a pain in the ass to put in place.)

a close up of the the tops of metal work. getting these suckers into the fitting was a real problem. interestingly this is where the install had to interface with another contractor who never actually to spoke to use, and ran off drawing. i'm kinda surprised it worked at all

a (side) image of the total install. (Jane in left crn ;) it's a pretty interesting thing. very fine, and delicate, with a slight kinetic movement when the wind blows.
the problems to be solved are:
the bends need to be greater to allow the water to flow out when it rains.
and base needs to be welded into place.

a view including the whole space. it's kinda large, and the installation makes the space much more 'feminine'

of course, i'd better include a foto of me, 'happy as sui up a ladder' ppl say.. ANYway, you can see the cardboard we've put down, and how wet it is. the problem with this country is that you're either soaking wet for sweat, or its pouring with rain. erg.
i'm into a 3 t-shirt system, and i carry a towel with me most of the time to wipe down.


later we went out and on the street there was a road crew. i stuck my head in and they let me drive the roller for a bit. cool. ;)
Tags: glass install, glass installation, singapore
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