sui (sui_001) wrote,

regular scheduling ... trucks


 having decided i like trucks, i had a good look at a few, then went and drew them. then foam core came into my life, and modeled a few. i dig the crane the most.
there's a tanker and another crane that you aren't going to see coz they're crappy.

 colour schemes are always inportant. this time it's the 'dazzle' distruptive patterning of ww1. using it to deny the very objectness of the vehicle, it'll draw the viewers attention, but in a way that disrupts the viewing. f*%king sweet. ;)


 a fusing panel that i plan to 'do somethign' with. i pulled the canes, fised them in strips and then cut them on the diamond saw then refused them. awesome... didn't kinda work, there is too much breakage of the pattern.

Tags: dazzle, fused glass, glass art, truck

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