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complimentary studies - melting cullet

 finally. a chunk of glass. of decent quality. that i, erm, well, i arranged to be heated from raw dry powdered ingredient. hooray!

6 hrs @ ~1300ºc - kinda seedy, but well combined.
 hooray for previous entries, which have (pictorially) shown the beginning of this process.

gas burner set in place, furnace on bricks, crubile inside - with batch in it. GO!

commercial 'artisan' batch. i know it works at which temps. good glass i recommend it.
  i realised i hadn't shown the silica carbide crucible in place. here it is right at the end of the melt.

you can see the swirly pattern the flame would have had to make during it's journey to the exhaust flue.

interesting it got hotter when i didn't run flat out. sad.
 A rare action shot. myself and amy (a consistently useful sidekick ;) opening the kiln and 'having a look'. we opened the hotbox at around ~1200ºc. it's cool when your crucible still glows ;) 
  looking down into the hotbox, we can see the glow remaining from the last of the glass. i had tipped it into the bucket (below). then put it back here for safe keeping...
 the bucket of glass. will weigh it in the morning. it is particularly granular, as i had the bucket filled with water, and it frits better this way. i recon it's just made bubbles that i'll have to squeeze out. 
  finally - for those of you saying 'yes well, how many rainforests have you burnt down now?' i have a simple answer 'not many, i'm as disappointed as you'

10am - 4pm the lpg gas use.

10 - 12 burner flat out @ 50 psi. 1100ºc
12 - 2 burner flat out @ 25 psi 1150ºc
2 - 4 burner turned down @ (barely) 2 psi. 1250ºc 1300ºc

draw your own conclusions

Tags: batch, cullet, glass furnace, melting glass
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