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beerkeg furnace

 still on my quest to refine my making process, i've constructed a quick and dirty 'hotbox'

cut beerkeg in 1/3rd / 2/3rd proportions 
 weld tubing to base part on slight off centre - to provide swirly cooking pattern. attach chimney - to vent.

line with 'hotface' fibre (1400ºc) to the inside, and another layer of regular fibre as insulation. hold in place with nicrome wire stuff.
  i'm ganna melt the dry ingredients in a silica carbide crucible. woot.

i'm planning on using a 2 inch gas burner into the base of this things
 as an aside, here's how i communicate to my colleges at work. this is the floor after a 30 minute 'chat' with Tom Rowney.  

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