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comp study - furnace building 101 
4th-Jun-2008 09:30 pm
  Task: In conjunction with Canberra Glassworks construct a modern, gas fired, 80kg pot furnace.
 The Glassworks, where i showed up every monday 8.30 - 3.30 for the last 12 weeks (minus 2 holidays ;)
- 17/3/8
  the space where the furnace is now located. the tin cladding took ages to come off nicely...
- 26/4/8
 This plan image is intentionally a crap small image upon request of owner. however evidence of a full working plan set, which we pretty much stuck to.
this shows the order we cast the sides and flue venting.
- 26/3/8
  precision hand cutting, grinding, and welding formed the base steelwork superstructure (a lot like the death star). interesting to note i cast the I beam around this time...
- 17/3/8
 the finished base (sadly luke and his rebels never showed up). we had to forklift it out. and get an xtra heavy duty pallet dolly thingo. check those awesome welds.
- 24/3/8
  the final super structure in place.
- 24/3/8
 these little babies i am well in love with. (AU)$5.50 a brick! but they are light and can withstand ~1400°c (depending on the type ;)
- 7/4/8
  so a day was spent laying 2 full overlapping layers, and a 3rd layer arranged as shown.
- 7/4/8
 then begins the nightmare. 'castable' this godless, scientific nightmare, which per 20kg of dry ingredient only requires 2L of water for it to go runny. it's called 'thixatropic' and takes 20 - 30 minutes of hard wheelbarrow and shovel mixing. there's 6 bags of the stuff in this base.
- 7/4/8
  then the walls went up. 1/4 of a wall per cast. 3 bags of castable each. this image take from the glassworks newsletter
- 14/4/8
 the final 4th wall about to be poured. sticking my hand into a latex glove and then smearing the walls with grease has been the least favourite part of this job ever. no i did not enjoy it. laugh, it was nasty. i preferred cleaning up more.
- 19/5/8
  all 4 walls completed here. in the picture are Pascal and Tom ( the cripple in the wheelchair - ask him about shopping trolleys!)
however there's also 4 completed walls and the scrape port showing. this is also a good idea of scale.
it's ganna be cool. ;) 
- 26/5/8
 Meanwhile in another part of the glassworks, each week another ceiling leaf is cast. this image is a completed leaf (on ground) and the blank mould with a clay 'door' mask. ready to receive more 'castable'
- 2/6/8
  As i have ALWAYS maintained, not only does a man need a plan, or that voting is sinful, but also a picture is worth a thousand words. here euclidean geometry gives us the perfect way to cut bricks to fit your circle. in this here's what _i_ thought was 'the nugget' of information.
- 26/5/8
 so in an OH&S nightmare place, i took a foto of me cutting bricks on a jig i made with the blade on an angle to cut every brick the same. worked 1st time. word. possibly 'best bit'
- 26/5/8
  i stood back at one stage and noticed how cool this was. constructing furnace, glory hole, pipe warmer, tank furnace, glory hole. a day at the office. where were/are you today?
- 2/6/8
 above you can also see the scrape hole. in this rarely seen image to the right, you can see the bricking in place up to the flue. the flue section was cast at the same time as the scrape hole.
- 2/6/8
  from the other side you can see the in port for the flue. burner will come in at the top of the brick line on an angle, swirls the fire around and down, then out the flue port. one big firey vortex.
- 2/6/8
 and as of the final visit this was the last view. there is still much work to be done - more bricks, roof leaves, fibre over roof, burners, gas, electric controllers, tuning. woah.
- 2/6/8
4th-Jun-2008 12:57 pm (UTC)
Dude. You're awesome. Seriously.
4th-Jun-2008 01:39 pm (UTC)
Looks like a lot of fun, & some seriously creative challenges! Go hard!
5th-Jun-2008 12:27 am (UTC)
Is that length's of rail I spy???

I SO don't wanna know where you stole that from :)
7th-Jun-2008 11:19 pm (UTC)
It's a thing of functional beauty, m'dear.

BTW... I tore my R thumbnail about a half cm below the quick. Ouch. didn't want to lose it. hometime told me about your trick of getting an acrylic nail fitted to "stick" the tear in place till it grows out. Excellent trick - thank you! I've been dining out on the fact that a he-man glass artist finally inspired me to get girlie false nails (well, one nail actually).
8th-Jun-2008 10:47 am (UTC)

man that was a while ago. i haven't taken the end off a finger in a while. i have a lot of small burns all over my arms lately tho... maybe i should picture document that!
10th-Jun-2008 06:14 am (UTC)
I'm sure we'd all like to see the holes in your arms. I'm sure it adds mucho macho to your glass art cred.
10th-Jun-2008 06:58 am (UTC)
art. don't talk to me about art. here i am technically competent, and they ask me to make art. call that job satisfaction, cause i don't.
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