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frtting glass

  here's a quick one for you. been in planning for a while.
silica 74%, soda 21%, calcium oxide 5%
- The science and archaeology of materials (2000)  promises this has a eutectic of 725°c. heh.

mixed well, piled in a dish. heat
 800°c - it kinda began to pull together.
it was a little solid, but when i poked it, it was 'soft'
  1000°c - same as 800°c. but hotter.
i maxed out my kiln at 1067°c and didn't wanna run it all night. turned off kiln.
 this morning it is a hard solid mass. plan to break it up and just give it more heat work. start a 2nd batch.
Zo Industries 1st run glass.
Tags: frit, glass, making

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