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Jak and Jyl. for GF. more to come.

part 1.

Parting the leaves with his hands, he looked out of his hiding point. She had intruded about half an hour ago, and because he wished to remain unseen, his skins where baking in the sun.. they would be ruined if they weren't watered soon. Stupid Girl.

He had heard her some distance off cooing a soft lullaby as she stamped through the forest. had that girl no clue how to move quietly? no wonder she never saw the animals, or birds. how could one enjoy the movement and wonder of the forrest if you crashed around making enough noise to scare everything! He had had enough time to grab his pounch and scamper higher into the rocks, but had forgotten his skins, which he had been water curing.. Stupid girl.

She had enter the small area where rocks banked up the stream, causing a fall of water about half a bodylength high. The boy often played under that water in the summer, there was a hole below the fall of water, which he would duck into relieving him from having to stoop. it was all in all a fun thing. and his. noone ever bothered him there. On the upside of the fall, the water was slow, and deep and he could almost strech out entirely and float in the water there. Today he had left his skins drying on the rocks slightly further up again, where the stream still ran as it entered the deep pool before the fall.

He watched her as she put her basket down, and looked around quietening to hear also.. she stood still for several seconds, and he was surprised, for a moment there she blended, and became one with the earth. She could do it..he held his breath and stilled his heart, why then did she not move like this all the time? why did she reject what it meant to move with the forest? Suddenly she moved again, and the forest blinked away again, with a flourish she removed her skirt and top, and flung them aside. He was intrigued, he had of course seen her naked before, they had all grown up together, and run screaming and laughing through the village in the autumn rains, their mothers having turned them out of the huts naked to get as wet and muddy as they liked.. but now, this was different, she was alone. he watched her slowly enter the deep pool enjoying the feel of the water, slowly slipping her feet and ankles in, then sinking down... her hands and fingers touching the surface. caressing it before is quickly dunked herself down and came up laughing, flicking her hair out of her face and pulling it back behind her head.

The skins completely forgotten He watched her sink back into the water enjoying it, sinking up to her shoulders, arms out, slowly circling her hands in the water. It shocked both of them when downstream a group of men on horseback burst out from the undergrowth. How had he been so focused to have missed them! The horses were steaming, and puffing heavily, they were all dark coloured and the men looked dark and servere, armour clad, and the
glint of hard buckles on the horses harness only peeked through the mud that covered them. The swords at the mens sides look well worn, and were within easy reach.

The horses milled and stamped, she had flattened herself against the rocks above the men half in the pool, ready to run at a moments notice, she was entirely still. He noticed she had also stilled her heart, and now the sounds of the forrest echoed, screaming a terrible story to him, these men had come far and hard. As the horses drank the men muttered between themselves, a debate as to what there next movement should be, only to be interupted by one of the men, already slumped in his seat, falling from his horse entirely. he made a loud pained groan as he hit the ground. The men stopped for a moment, one
of them cursed asked the fallen if he was right. Getting no reply, he cursed again, and yelled at the other men, they turned their horses along the course of the stream and charged off again.

As quiet decended on the stream again He watched her quickly jump from the pool, grab her clothing, dress and stand again. The man had not noticed, he was alive as any fool could hear form his breathing, but he was harshly wounded and his breath rattled in his chest. His horse now wandering downstream had stopped and seemed torn whether to follow the others or stay with the fallen rider.

He slipped from his hiding place, and made eye contact with the girl. neither said a word, and she unsurprised at his presence. he craawled to his skins and gathered them up, popping them into his slung pouch. She hadn't moved once she was dressed, but followed him intently with her eyes. Slowly, ever so quietly He crept towards the fallen rider, and looked and sensed through the forrest, back the way the riders had come from. It was a clear line of disturbance they had created and the forrest had not settled along that path. the fallen man wheezed and twitched his fingers.


thank crap it's friday. gf arrives tonight, and the agony of her absence will be remove. all to well though i know it will return.

BUT in the meantime, we goto the superbikes this wekend, so i should have lots of good mpegs from that come monday, and i get to ride my dad's moto guzzi down [although it's a beast of a thing to ride...]

i am ignoring the fact that there's less than a week till i'm 'over the hill' and feeling better for it. sorta.
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