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blown glass

i realised i haven't uploaded in a while what i was blowing when the forcably stopped me from going into the hotshop at the end of semester...  here is some of the stuff:

 here the matching set of 'roman funnel beakers' i sent to the 12th night invest of the newest K&Q lochac. the picture makes the blue look super steely (which is cool) in reality they are very transparent. this is a very light, very thin flute top. i am waiting to be taught foot technology, then i start stick bases on them.. maybe. ;)  i left the 'drip' on the very bottom, i thought it looked cool
 i was blowing these leading up to xmas. lovely optic twisted blow tree decoration. a big hit with family and friends. i ran out though and not everyone got one. :(
Tags: blown glass, roman beaker
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