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merry season 
8th-Jan-2008 01:02 pm

it feels like another 'hullo sportzfans' moment again i have internet access, yes i sold my soul to transact *vomit*.

so to celebrate here's piktures of my giant pumpkin plant i trained to climb up the side of the house.
it's large leaves and fun growing style have made me the envy of the neigbourhood. the motherinlaw threatened me with violence if it broke the house down in any way. cool.


shuffling round to the left you can see it growing under...


hooray. my hair is long and i'm thiunking about bright red again. yeah.ready to go back to work and uni.

8th-Jan-2008 01:20 pm (UTC)
Can't wait to see you headbutting the fruit!

Hugs to you and the Almighty Mistress M.

Any chance of seeing you at 12th Night?
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