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update december.

woah busy.

skool came to a crashing finale of seemingly endless 'drinkies'. then Doonkuna took over my life. i prune, train, and prune again. in a vineyard. it's awesome. outdoors, in the sun nothing but me, a pair of pruning shears, a radio, and a mobile phone. BE envious of me. i stop to watch the birds fly by and flex and stretch. i sing at the top of my lungs along with the songs i like. i pee in the open. my thoughts wander to monkhood. then it's generally 2.30 - possibly 3 and i'm tired. i jump onto my motorbike, and home.

got a very good cheque.

spent 2/3rds of it on new tires($600), and service and tune($700ish). bought anno 1701 for the ds. it's a grand game - 8.5 outa 10. the graphics are cool but _small_ . bought fightclub dvd. bought a new usb network controller and suddenly steal glean internet even more effectively, which lead me to sell my soul to transact and velocity in an $88/mth bid to regain a former online existance.

haven't been happier in a while.

who'd have thought things could get better. doesn't mean i like canberra however - let's just get that straight.
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