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alrighty so now i've got that kinda outa my system. should we discuss the image?
it's a harsh, supplicant figure, bored in her submission. she kneels for all voyeurs, her hips cocked suggestively, holding coyly to her last item of clothing, the bright red undies. her painted lips promise all things, but the dull expression makes her less likely to be interacted with, other than in a physically impersonal way. the response to this classic porn should be the same way as you see 'mudflap girl' - that iconic trucky girl forever caught in silhouette, to be admired, and lusted for by all.
the fact i have served her upon toast, or any form of food would, i hope, suggest something you'd eat and enjoy. it's the involvement of another sense in the voyeuristic journey i want you to explore. when i portray the toast and image in glass, i deny the viewer any pleasure, by having rendered the girl to little more than basic iconography via a stencil. her fuzzy outline, which hopefully looks like spraypaint marks, doesn't quite make the image feel right, and leaves us wondering if there isn't more.
It's this denial that then begins to raise questions: can you still touch it - as you could toast - well, i dunno, i guess you could, but would you ? sitting there on display would you be drawn to explore the brush strikes, look for marks of my creating hand? do you explore it and make guesses as to my motivations? Or do you turn away in disgust at my rudimentary porn image and look no further? 
the need to explore an idea drove this on a very technical level. SO many times i thought about changing or 'upgrading' the image to something i was more currently creating as a silhouette stencil. the development of up to 3-5 colour images in individual layers, ran rings through my brain. however, i'm glad to have explored it. the mirth it brings me to watch reactions, and the way people have asked for more, leaves me wondering at others motivations - who's in it for what i am? who's in it for porn? who laughs with me, about the (arduous) HOURS i spent trolling the 'net for the right high contrast image?
 i've done it. you've seen it. i know it's Art, do you ? 
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