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porn toast revisted - spot the deliberate typo!

   so i remade this :  from toast. when questioned why i hadn't done it in glass i also wondered. i set to work and coated french vanilla glass with (brownish) frits and baked. i applied additional frits to the newly textured glass. baked again. i got  this:  which only makes understanding that i made a whole heap of them at the same time to be 'funny' (but also not to run an empty kiln). below are all the tests and other ways that i tried to make the above repro work (carefully arranged so you can imagine them on your shower wall (anyone need a wedding pressie soon? this would make a LOVELY gift for that newly wed couple. remind them of the time.. well another time ;): which when i looked back to the 14th of july. a time when this image had previously been brought into the public lime-light :. i also thought it best to take this time to flash another image of this chick infront of you:  which should make you wonder where this is done in glass. well. the answer is. it isn't. i hadn't thought about tit till then. i'll work on it. maybe. ANYWAY. i did warn you on the 5th of july:. dunno if i'm done explore this yet. there's just SO much more. ;) wanna know the _best part_ ? this isn't part of the school work. this is 'mine' and i kill myself laughing as i'm doing it. *chuckle*
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