sui (sui_001) wrote,

today's adventures

the final 5 layer piece. can't get the camera to focus on it properly right now. i need a new cam, o great universe...
 all my tumblers that have mananged to get into the anealer, and out in one piece. left to right.: my very 1st tumbler, my 2nd and third effort. since this time nothing has survived... it's very frustrating 
  2 x 2 colour templated images. 2 - 3 firings per piece. they turned out ok for proof of concept.
 back into the kiln went this A4 piece. should be interesting to see it after firing. i carefully brushed every little speck away from the edges and made sure to have a hard edge.. sigh. i had patience and refinement. 
  finally a bullseye kit open, paper stencil teplates, and the glass plate. all the tools i could ever want.. heh heh heh.
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