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Bachelorhood. The trial of a man. 
23rd-Mar-2003 09:59 pm
The heady freedom of purchasing the cleaning product YOU wish to, not worrying about how many dolphins you may be killing, in fact choosing one you know your EX told you killed pandas in some far off forest. using the worlds worst and most terrible 'blue loo' in the toilet cistern, so every flush hides the bottom of the bowl, thus reducing cleaning. using a product so strong in bleach it can't NOT clean purely by making contact with a surface. reducing the effort involved.. WHY WOULDN'T someone choose these products?

Aside from cleaning the dunny, in the kitchen the wonderfulness of leaving plates piled SO high in sink and on the bench that you have to wash something to find a spoon, or once u find it (the spoon) simply wiping it on your shirt, thusly removing the effort of washing at all.. ;]

the freedom to leave food lying around the house so you can eat and drink different meals at different times, as u pass by it..

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the freedom..

of course i have noticed my friends have stopped dropping by and my personage is getting a bit smelly, and i haven't seen the floor in my room in QUIET some time, but hey, that's the way i was when I was teenager and I survived that.. nay I ENJOYED that, and goddamm it I ganna continue .. whether u like it or not.

Some of you reading this may be squirming thinking, "what a horrid nasty, disgusting boy!" well.. yeah.. you may have a point, but I hope that you realise this is just a phase and that any rebellion that I may be feeling i'll get bored with and eventually. i'll clean and tidy properly later.. at least as my opening statement proves I am purchasing SOME clean products.. better than nothing.. right ?
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