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photoshop assignment i 
19th-Aug-2007 12:28 am
me at macchu picchu, perume cooking!me in medjeeval armourme at brighton beach englandme as dita von tesse
me as jesus on the crossmiesje and i at the longman of whilmingtonmiesje and i at dover castle,iesje and i at the effieltower in parismiesje and i at the major oak in sherwook forrest
miesje and i at a nuclear facilityme working in a water millme holding ned kelly's armour in the leeds armoury.me at stonehengein infront of willy wonka's chocolate factory (dreamwork, goldcoast)

*sigh* they made me.. "manipulate my own image...
18th-Aug-2007 10:37 pm (UTC)
been good! (spellin is, as alway, optional)

A1. well i attempt to no get hit in it ;) no really, it's massively patched, my left leg cop dug some huge furrows into it. portia repaired it (hooray for chicks!) - she keeps wanting to throw it out and make another however *sob* she'll take all the mojo i recon.

A2. erm. maybe... i never get into armour anymore, festy-val last was the last time i fought... you'll kick my hiney, but *shrug* if you wanna beat up on a slow, unpracticed, out of shape hasbeen, ok! :)

q1. how're you ?
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