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i don't understand 
20th-Mar-2003 12:37 pm
The morgage broker has come and been.

I so fail to understand the whole finance system.

basically i want to pay out my morgage, refinance, and get a bit more money. easy. wot i don't get is that after borrowing more money that i did 2 years ago i end up paying LESS in monthly repayments than i was !! screwed if i can work it out..

*shrug* guess it means i can start looking at a new ducati 996 SP heh heh heh .. maybe not.. but certainly a replacement 'bike. hurrah

GF said she might be coming back to melbourne in a week for a bit. tres kewl. i am looking forward to her company again. although i am somwhat weirded out. she is estranged from me, in a way that makes me want her, but there is a certain distance. i hope that feeling goes away. i like her.

i realy should upload some new user pics. i will have to go and find soem, and or make some i guess..
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