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yet again my fingers dance merrily across the keyboard, as i start… 
17th-Mar-2003 03:48 pm
yet again my fingers dance merrily across the keyboard, as i start typing with the hope that insiration will hit me.

I enjoy watching them.

the weekend was a haze [as so much stuff is thiese days] of road.

Friday night after taking Jorgia to athetics [she won a 1st in running and a 4th in the 'beanbag balancing race' - *proud*] we jumped into the car and headed north. it was dark before we had passed the city, but i had planned ahead and bought a couple of booktapes [CDs] they were 'the deltoria (something)' by Emily (someone) and pretty good. Jorgia enjoyed them and they got us to aubry without to much of a problem. I wound* her seat back when i stopped in aubry [aghainst her wishes] but after we took off again she soon fell asleep.

Saturday was spent at questacon, a groovy and hip place were science is made 'fun'. yep. kewl.
followed by boating on the lake.

we travelled home sunday.

I spent alot of time with GF and sorely miss her now. i simply don't have the vocabulary to express the sevre angwish i am in now that we have been seperated again. it's almost physical in feeling.

the drive home was long. i much prefer the night to driving, i find it easier to concentrate than during the day.


i bottled another 26 bottles of beer, this time a larger, and when i went shopping i discovered a shelf full of ginger beer wort-in-a-can all on special [the specialty brew shops have been out of stock for months!] so i bought a fair chunk [5] of these and took them home.

i have made up a starter brew with 2 kits as the specific gravity of just one kit didn't seem very high.. *shrug* oh well *giggle* it can only go bad ;)


a morgage broker is coming over wednesday night to sell me a new mmorgage. i am so oer this i just need it done, and i am alomst prepared to accept anything he puts infront of me to get out of that part of my history.

that came out fairly bitter and i haven't meant it to, but i would like it to be.. i really need to sell my ute too.. i should fully get off my arse and do that.


this day is going far to slow.
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