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this isn't the image i want to show you. however when i went looking on my camera i felt this image calling, needing to be noted. on lj. it appealed to me particularly in the green hue upon the stonework which, dulls the brutality that stone often projects. the framing done by cleaned and raw stones lends weight to the very largeness of the building this window is in. the random, yet symmetrical way the stonework has been handled makes this a calming wall however, and i feel the solemness this building must hold. the inner window, which is sunk back and blinkered. wankity wanky wank, wank wank... 

this stenciled: photoshop, filter>halftone pattern, filter>stamp. print it. cut it out. spray it in bottom corners of buildings. you should get 4-5 from each paper stencil. change colours, at random if you like.  it'll be funny. you watch.

This, however is what i have been staring at. endless rows of living trees, bowed to humanity's will. we labor a little, to harvest the bounty it yields once a year. i have been (as previously stated) pruning vines. i'm into it. it's hard physical work. it's certainly outdoors. there's no rush, but i work briskly and efficiently (i well imagine). they pay me to shape these poor fruiting vines, more than i used to get at darkzone, on a sunday (the best paying day). i imagine myself in an open field, in a small village in southern. the brisk air, the seasons on the brink of sudden (yet expected) change, blows strongly but is cold. however the sun still warms in the lulls of the wind. my hat clamped down, gloves on (really more there for the cold, than for the protection of soft girly artist hands), i head into the rows of grape vines. i stamp with each pace, stand before one vine, pass an eye over it. clam and serene i begin clipping with the fluid movement of one long practiced with the art of '*snip*,*pull the vine away*', '*snip*,*pull the vine away*', repeat. elvenlike i move soothingly and lovingly long. encouraging, i'm bound to the earth, as much as it to me. we are one. hahahahahahahahaha did i mention i kill me ?  tell me you can't honestly believe that i'm really at one with '*snip*,*pull the vine away*', "ha ha, got you. you stinking hardy vine thing. you." and on to the next. or perhaps i am really just focused on technique, "*count two bazul buds*,*snip*, *remove everything else a hand span around*, repeat. i got told a story about some guy who cut the vines and then burnt them in a 44 gallon drum -which he had cut into half, then welded wheels to. he trundled it along down the rows burning the canes and off cuts as he went. i told the bosses and i think they're almost at the point of paying me to do it just to shut me up. i hope i get to use and make one in a similar manner, as not only would i find that amusing. it'd be funny.
today also contained sex, drugs, and (to a certain extend) rock and roll. </span>

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