sui (sui_001) wrote,

1st bee call

I am just so excited!

Spring is upon my part of the world, I learn how to pipe in Everything2, I had my 1st bee call this morning. It's all happening

For the 1st time in ages I feel happier and lighter. I may even begin to look forward to tommorrow. wow.

To explain the bee call above: basically i have decided to keep bees (- there's a wonderful new pipe link, hooray!). Don't ask me why, but it sounds fun. It sounds exciting. The utter potential for disaster is huge! I get strange looks from work colleagues, who think i'm nuts to start with, is comical. Ahhhhh the joy of today. Anyway, I have built a hive, and frames ready to go, I've paid for my beekeeping licence, and I've called all the local councils to let them know:

"hello, sui speaking.."
"yes, hello, I have some bees and,"
"REALLY! ACE! WOW! where?" .. as i cut the guy off

Turns out the guy has a bee problem, more than a swarm in his yard. I turned up to a block off flats (after having left work in the city, raced home on my motorbike (whee!), jumped in my ute, and charged around to this guys place). There's this little Italian guy point skyward. I look up. yup. There on the third floor there's bees coming in and out a crack in the wall. "how long they been doing that?" I enquire. "'bouta sixa weeks. Didn't-a worry me until they gets inside.."


"sorry I can't help you" says I. jump back into my ute and head back to work.

I have now learnt a few lessons. Ask more questions on the phone. charge money. be more prepared.

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