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My crap
more stencil 
1st-Jul-2007 10:54 pm

did these a few days ago.  yeah. *shrug*


i'd ;ove to spray these everywhere, but sadly i posted them to the internet... we all know that use of these would be foolish, wouldn't they ... ;)

2nd-Jul-2007 02:26 am (UTC) - Opps
That would have been me....
2nd-Jul-2007 07:29 am (UTC) - Re: Opps
yeah cool huh :)

i won't even ASK how you know ...
2nd-Jul-2007 12:27 pm (UTC) - Re: Opps
Hehe no huge secret and no army hidden in with the fabric stash. My ex-husband collected and played for the entirety of our relationship (and still does I imagine) oh and he works for the company, so I know all that I ever whated to know and more about GW products, thankyouverymuch....

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