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weekend excitement

went for a 13km geocache wander up and over mnt ainsle and then out towards queenbean. got about 14 in the 4 hrs i was out. walked pretty much in a straight line the entire time. which got me to thinking, why not enter into orienteering? so on sunday i went to the act orienteering group in deepest darkest tharwa and attempted a 'medium hard' course. 4.5km of open and rocky, but hilly with splatterings of bush. i threw myself into the task with my standard abandon, and came second in the group. not bad. even if i do say so myself. my biggest hurdle was from the 1st to 2nd marker. this caused grief, but *shrug* first timers always make mistakes. ;)

MOpen 1 Sui Jackson


2:15 15:58 5:06 7:32 4:00 7:46 9:29 4:12 4:12 3:06 1:21 4:04 119 111 118 137 140 141 136 122 126 120 163 finish

and a pikture of me out caching:

Tags: bush

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