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Hobby of the month
My crap
22nd-Jun-2007 03:59 pm
did i mention if cold here?
 - 'tis.

SO cold that when i was out and about at 9am, and even though the sun was shining, in shadows it was still icy. grrrrrr 

hat, cold, wry
22nd-Jun-2007 12:39 pm (UTC)
you know today i got called "a hero of the soviet union" glad to see i can get recognised sometimes ;)

sadly (for you) i fear that i shall staunchly hold onto my dislike for continued living within the ACT. it and i are at odds which will be firmed resolved with my moving away. if only i could get the glass experience i desire elsewhere. sigh.

as for the wife... heh. "unutterable magnificence" there's a true-ism that shall be repeated within her presence. i claim she's kinda like any other chick only lazier - which means she tolerates MY crap slightly longer before spitting the dummy
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