sui (sui_001) wrote,

grape vine pruning

sso got me a job pruning grape vines. can you believe they entrust ME with a pair of shear thingos (of which i have broken 5 pairs in 1 week - brute strength i tells ya!) and then pay me for making the biggest bonsai art ever! ha! fool them i recon.

  Row upon row of fun looking vines to prune.
 once they've been pruned they look all clean and knobly 
  the five pairs of shears i have broken . 3 snapped same spot. 1 nearer the handle, one completely fell apart.
 and of course, me. me me me.
all rugged up coz CANBERRA IS A FREEZING FECKING HELL HOLE. no i aint smiling it's a figment of your imagination - if i am it's couse i am butchering a tree. yes.
Tags: grape, pruning, vine

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