sui (sui_001) wrote,


Today I am not in a good mood.

Interesting that (I find) it is alway easiest to node daylogs when I find myself upset or annoyed. I usually resist this impulse, as I know, I hate reading through really annoying 'whimpery' daylogs. But today you can all suffer - preferably in your jocks.

Should I tell this faceless E2 all my sorrows? will it help? or should I just blithely go on remaining silent, yet grumpy. Yeah, that sounds good. I can then continue to scowl at work colleagues, and cringe when the boss walks by, proving to him, that I am daylogging and not fixing that fucked beyond repair Solaris box, that I said we shouldn't have unplugged in the 1st place.

I think (even though it's only Tuesday) that I will head to my cousins and play with the bees down there again this weekend. That should give me something to look forward to. Yes. it does. Immensely.

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens. brown paper packages tied up with string. these are a few of my favourite things. cheered up yet? no? hell knows I am! Julie Andrews where are you now? - perhaps that's the problem with the world today, we need Super Julie, the singing ex-nun, to come and take us (well me) across the mountains to Switzerland, so I can end my days, in a happy family reloading bullet cartridges. Hooray.


well things can't get any more exciting. The buildings security went off, disabling everybodies swipe cards, and locking all the doors, to all the areas. I have been stuck in the computer room for an hour. I hate airconditioning. Wonder if I'd be able to get out if there was a fire.

atleast whilst I am stuck here I can't do any other work...


I got bored, and hungry. I broke the door to get out. Nodoby had even realised I was in there, so they were a bit surprised at the computer room door flying open. heh :) small amusement there on my part.
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