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My crap
Today's seemingly dull, grey overcast sky, which promised so much… 
5th-Oct-2002 10:17 am
Today's seemingly dull, grey overcast sky, which promised so much inherent crap and boring times, has surprisingly lead to a pleasant afternoon.

But let me start earlier. The ride into the city this morning, was fun. I ride a ZX-6 (Ninja, 1996 model) and I looked at the speedo, just as it went to 97,000 kms! kewl! 3,000 more kms, and I've clocked the thing! - I've never clocked anything in my life before, so I'm pretty impressed with that... also the fact that my 'bike will have done 100,000 kms with only minimal services, and _lots_ of accidents :)

By the time I got to work I was fully enthused and expecting to be chewed out by my boss. I have been setting up NFS systems between Linux redhat and sunOS systems, and it had failed to work all yesterday. I left it in a terrible state of uselessness last night, which is why I expected to be in trouble. You can imagine my surprise this morning to be greeted with, "Goodjob!" as I waltzed through the door... Boss was pleased. *shrug*

I sat around and read nodes for about 2 hours, unhindered, and then chatted to fellow work comrades about stuff - what they planned for the weekend, the usual crap. When I went for lunch the lady under charged me, and my lunch cost about half what it usually did. hooray!

Hmmm maybe the afternoon is looking to good at the moment, I might have just jinxed myself, D'oh! I'm going to go hide in the computer room, and look busy, but be bored now
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