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What a weekend - another Monday morning, happily ensconced back at my… 
28th-Oct-2002 10:13 am
What a weekend - another Monday morning, happily ensconced back at my desk. tapping away at my PC. AAahhhhhh *breath out, Relax*

Friday night was spent at the local mall, buying all the bits, plaster of paris, cheese cloth bandage, rope, spray paint...

Saturday morning saw Girlfriend lying on a plastic sheet in the middle of the lounge room, in old T-Shirt, grimace on her face... Then flatmate (err.. Ex Girlfriend... it's a longer story) and I proceeded to make a body cast of her. Dunking strips of cloth into the paster, and laying it all over her front.. YEAH.. :)

Then we did Flatmate, then myself. The mission? Valkyrie breastplates for the girls, and a centurion breastplate for myself. Tres kewl. Once they dried we used the bits of rope for muscle definitions and decorations, sprayed them gold, and strapped them to ourselves - Girlfriend having made us all garments for wear underneath. My daughter we dressed as a witch, which she was happy about.

Oh ! Jorgia, my daughter, turns up Friday night and scares the bejesus out of me - She had lost a tooth from both her upper left hand side and lower left hand side, she's Gappy McGappy now. Very cute 6 year old she is. She thinks this is the funniest thing, and happily flashes her missing teeth to anyone who will stand still long enough, so the Witches costume went down a treat!

We trundled off to the Halloween party all decked out at about 8:30 that night, and had a great time. everyone was very impressed by our 'look'

Sunday - Daughter having slept in till 11am ( yeah I am a bad parent and kept her up pretty late...), so I took the same opportunity.. I had to get her to her mothers at 12, so I woke her up at 11:15, and got her showered and fed her a toasted sandwich. Chucking all her stuff into the car, we headed back to the library where her mother and I meet. Her mother was not happy. I was an hour late. APPARENTLY daylight savings time had kicked in and it was actually 1pm rather than midday.. heh heh heh kinda funny, but not really... *shrug* oh well..

Daylight saving having destroyed all my planned activities for the day, I went home and did some cleaning up of the house - we had managed to get plaster _everywhere_ - and I also did some washing, so I am all clean for a new working week.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my weekend. by sui, aged 29 (and a half).
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