spring symphony

 above: made from a bunch of old crystal goblets from the 2nd hand store.   i think they work kinda well.
 below: a bunch of tumblers with happy flowers on 'em.  flower sare still a bit chunky.. but will improve no doubt.

DPM a new approach

 Penland school of craft session 6.  sam stang.
retrospectively looking at DPM and the effect it has upon hiding the actual form of an large scale vessel.

thinking about making a bunch of small table vessels and grouping them to hide individual vessels so only the outter from is availble to the eye...
 four days later, three objects appear. the instructor of this session is perplexed (but intrigued). hot fused canes, hot cut and ressambled, rollup(ed) and formed. 
  side view with fancy pendland landscape.
think it's kinda a winner, but i am running outa time and materials. yay.

spring symphony prototypes

  a bunch of prototype daisies.

not so keen on the colours
 1st effort to get them all 'linking. the idea is a head garland.  
  finished full colour prototype.

the idea is that each link will allow it to fit any head shape, and also sit most securely.

below some of the im[pressed young ladies that needed to try it on ;)

Penland seems to be working for me.

lilies war

 went to the kingdom of calontir. met shiny ppl who do great machines, and bronze casting, and have fun, and stuph. to the right a big dog powered machine 
  bronze casting. we eventuall cast a handgonne. not picture of that as i had run out of battery
 the glass workers tent with hotheads and surface mix torches. the kewl ppl who hung there 
  the ugly pile of mud that i constucted. *shudder*
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